What are the advantages to “Green ” vs. “Standard” cleaning products & methods?

First and foremost the methods and products are environmentally friendly
This means when we do a “green cleaning” we only use cleaning products free from harmful chemicals.  Most cleaning solutions we all grew up with are petroleum based and have negative effects on our environment at disposal.  We use natural products that are not harmful to our workers, our clients and/or their pets and will help our planet be suitable for human existence just a little longer. 

We use recycled products and products that are biodegradable.
Like our trash bags, for example.  We want to lessen what we contribute to unhealthy landfills.
When possible we use reusable microfiber rags and towels.
If paper products are needed, we use only products that come from recycled sources.

The equipment used is environmentally friendly.
 We utilize state of the art methods in order to filter out harmful dust, allergens and other pollutants from our client’s environment.  We only use vacuums with HEPA & water filters to maximize the amount of “bad stuff” we remove.  Another important aspect of a green vacuum?  No disgusting vacuum bags that have to be removed and discarded! 

Items removed from homes and offices are recycled when possible. 


We now offer Commercial Compost Recycling!

Just another way we are helping our planet!