What our customers are saying!

Temple Kelleher has worked regularly in my home for two years doing basic housekeeping and light chores. She always brings a spark of personality with her and actually seems to enjoy what she is doing! Temple has also brought several different assistants with her, each of whom has been just as wonderful in many ways. I especially appreciate that Temple can be both flexible and understanding when she is asked to do something unusual or special.”
Oz Anderson, Entrepreneur (Residential Client)

Thanks a Million!
Just a note to express our extreme satisfaction with the cleaning your crew provided Hangar 333. I can attest to the fact we are cleaner now than I’ve ever been known us to be. Your crew is to be commended for an outstanding job, and I am sorry to say the only crew member’s name I recall is that of a lady named Temple. She appeared to be in charge of the project, and if that is the case, she certainly represented you well. Initially, I was somewhat embarrassed airing my concern that we couldn’t get rid of the constant mist of dust that remained with us after the Terminator Salvation crew departed, but especially impressed with the speed of light you worked in satisfying our request; truly a sign of a manager who knows how to get things done, and done quickly and correctly.”
Ron Fitzpatrick FOL-Kirtland Site Manager

 Over the Rainbow Cleaning is the most reliable and flexible company a film production could ask for. They do a fantastic job and are willing to come at any time of the day or night. They clean the impossible with an impossible schedule. We are very fortunate to have such a hardworking and dedicated business in New Mexico.”
Rowan Stanland, Location Manager

 “We really enjoy having Over the Rainbow clean our casting office. The owner is a downright delight to have around and we appreciate all of their hard work and smiling faces.”
Jo Edna Bolding, CSA

 Not only can Over the Rainbow clean anything, anywhere in New Mexico, they can do so anytime. I have used Over the Rainbow for over two years to clean stages, homes, high-security institutions, mines, offices, you name it. Punctual even at a moment’s notice, I trust them with the most delicate of cleaning jobs.”
Rebecca “Puck” Stair,  Location Manager

Member Comment: I called on Monday and spoke to Temple Kelleher, the owner. She said she would go over to the apartment and give me an estimate. She arrived when she said she would and called me with an estimate. We arranged for her to clean the apartment on Wednesday. She and one of her employees arrived on time and spent several hours cleaning. The carpet was newly installed, however, the stove and oven were left in a disgusting state by previous tenents. The apartment, including the stove and oven, looked wonderful! The new tenents commented on how clean the unit was. I will call her again whenever we need to have one of our apartments cleaned for new tenents. They did a great job at a fair price